Beer Money

Frances Stroh, beer heiress, tells her family’s story- how their piece of the Stroh Beer dynasty came to be and how it (their piece and eventually the entire business) came apart. She provides a window into the trust fund life–people whose only connection to the running of the family business is showing up for the…

Born A Crime

Trevor Noah’s memoir is at the top of my winner list right now! I love it for so many reasons, but mostly and selfishly because it is a wonderful example of how a variety of life stories about mother, childhood and coming-of-age can be structured into an engaging can’t-put-down read, without being set in a…

Year of Yes

In her book, Ms. Rhimes explores the joys of going outside of her comfort zone; of stepping into the sun and allowing herself to blossom. Although we readers already know that Rhimes is a badass in her field, I believe her book is a bestseller because we all are both surprised and comforted to know…

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

If you loved Issa Rae’s YouTube series or Insecure on HBO, you will love this book. If you don’t know Issa Rae, she is a (no longer) new and deeply appreciated voice on the small and meduim screen. Do yourself a favor and introduce yourself via this book to her unique, quirky, wry humor.


Jefferson illustrates so well how her 1950’s upbringing embodied the cunundrum of striving Black professional families in pre-civil-rights America. She describes the careful deliberateness with which they had to operate between their aspirations to transcend race and their efforts to hold onto their carefully constructed Black identities– what it is like to be the “other”…

Lab Girl

Hope Jahren is singlehandedly responsible for my return to gardening. Her love of all things botanical is infectious. So is the story of her journey as a striving scientist and a struggling, but committed college professor.


I bought this book thinking it was about recipes that heal the brain, a book about nutrition. But Jessica Fechtor offers so much more than that.

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness

Award-winning New York Post journalist, Susannah Cahalan, shares her sudden and frightening dissent into mental illness caused by a then little known auto-immune disease.

Men We Reaped

Jesmyn Ward tells her life story in the context of the profound loss of the men in her young life. In four years, she lost five young men close to her, and she realized that though the deaths were unrelated, they were all bound together in a history of racism and economic struggle, and the drug…

Power Concedes Nothing

This is a great read all around, full of dramatic stories about confrontations in the streets and the courts of Los Angeles.

I am Malala

When Malala Yousafzai was fifteen, she was shot in the head point-blank while riding the bus home from school. She was shot by the Taliban because she spoke out for her right to an education.

She Left Me the Gun

After the death of her mother, author Emma Brockes decides to investigate her mother’s mysterious past and discovers secrets too tantalizingly traumatic not to write about.